Apr 30, 2010

MARCO FILIPPOZZI /Italy/, "Urban Poetry" - photography

Марко Филипоци /1977,Тренто,Италия/- Marco Filippozzi /1977,Тrento, Italy/
Urban Poetry, Photography - Градска поезия, фотография

He studied as Computer Programmer and then Literature at the University of Trento/2002/. He is working at the research institute Fondazione Bruno Kessler since 2002 as project manager. He is found of art,cinema and photography, his real passion.He has been taking pictures from early adolescence.During the last years he has added to his passion a whole lot of experience and technique through several courses of both analogical and digital photography,also the study in Free University in Roma /2006/ has important character of his development. He has participation in collective exhibitions, workshops and projects and most important of them are /selected/-"The Black Industry",University of Bolzano (Bolzano, Italy,2010),"Sloi",El porteghet(Trento, Italy), with the collaboration of ‘Associazione Trento ASA’/2009/;‘Sloi’, Consiglio Regionale del Trentino Alto-Adige,Trento /2009/;‘Audit 0-100’ , workshop, FBK ,Trento ; ‘My only friend, the End’ , Fondazione Bruno Kessler, Trento/2009/; ‘Il materasso’, University of Sociology of Trento,"Wing Dick", action, Trento/ 2008/,art performance "Satisfyin’ lover’, directed by Christophe Wavelet & Matthieu Doze,Bolzano/2007/,Direction of the short film ‘Mogli e mariti’ ( Free University, Roma, Italy)/2006/,‘Testimonial of MART’, Rovereto /2005/ etc. Lives and works in Tenno, Italy.

Urban poetry - project by black-white photography
The project is a result of artistic research from last 2 years in the field of modern sociology. One research about human behavior, urban culture and borderlines of personal identity in present times. It collects 7 images /photos/ in installation. technique and materials: photography, black/white digital - inkjet print on paper, edition: 1/1

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