Apr 24, 2010

Mark O'Leary. opVex

Mark O'Leary /1969 Cork,Ireland/ is a guitarist, composer, electronic artist and soundartist.He is a graduate of Musicians Institute of Los Angeles, and has performed in over 30 countries. His recordings have been released on eight different labels: Aucourant Records, Leo Records, FMR, Ayler Records, Creative Sources, rekonstrukt, TibProd Italia and Cleanfeed. His music has received critical praise from The Wire, The Guardian, Jazzwise, Downbeat and Sunday Tribune. Working in an area he terms Post-Jazz, his music features different elements drawn from ambient, post-industrial, electronica, contemporary, post-punk and improvised jazz. He has performed his own compositions in the fields of Ambient Post Industrial Landscapes and Minimal Techno. He has an interest in urban environmental field recording and the unique properties urban environments evoke. He has also composed and performed string quartets, as well playing with many of the major voices in contemporary jazz and elecronica, he is an ambient guitarist in the post-Eno/Hassell/ECM genre. He also creates installation sound works, one of which opVex was presented in Wexford Opera House and in New York.

opVex , sound installation,2`24``
opVex is a multi-faceted, multi-idiomatic soundscape. It has textural elements using bowed guitar, electronics, percussion and computer manipulations, this morphs into a brief intense feedback and power chord section evoking post-punk energy. opVex triadic melodic phrase structure is chant based, it could come from the Terraces of a Sports Ground or the Pygmy tribes of West Africa.

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