Apr 25, 2010

alessandra arno /italy/

Alessandra Arnò /1977, Italy/is a visual Artist,works and lives in Milan. Graduated within the Brera Art Academy in Milan, makes the most of the expressive features of photogragh and video. Her attention is focused over visual and technological "gaps", the aberrations of which are distorting our perception of the real, and likes re-defining such boundaries.Mostly works outside Italy in video and installation, and has been invited to several international videoart exhibitions, festivals and contests in Utrech, Lisbona, Novosibisk, Parigi, Belfast, Usa, Dublin, Bulgary, Hungary, Syria etcc. Her works have been presented also in Italy within video screenings and exhibitions.Actually is co-founder and project manager of Visualcontainer ( Italian videoart distributor ass. NoProfit) and Director of VisualcontainerTV International Videoart webTV

Save ours Souls,02' 46",2008
The opening main figure is a reminder of the 3-character study at the basis of Bacon’s crucifixion.Among these waiting forms enter a superior being which then gives way to a series of events.This video can be read from several approaches and it shows a metaphor of human life, both lay and religious, that eventually ends up with a storming sea….an held over final scene foreshadowing a new cyclic beginning.

White Noise,01'26",2007
The proprieties of vision become here an exercise of voluntary focusing. A visual continuum where the “beyond aspect” of vision is at work, an objectification of subliminal messages. The interstices of vision eventually set the new subject and a new language.
White Noise is a project about visual interference and fragmentation, where video and audio elements are strictly connected to involve the viewer in a visual experience ending up with an alignment.
A mental and objective alignment.

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