Apr 25, 2010

igor imhoff /italy/

Igor Imhoff /1976,Italy/.Graduated at the Institute of Fine arts of Foggia. Actually he works as graphician and illustrator for videogames and entertainment machines.The artistic activity, above all dedicated to the paint and video animation, includes many art-exhibitions in Italy and abroud.He has “Premio Felice Casorati” 2004 and
international festival of short films “Mestre Film Festival 2005”, RTP2 Ondacurta prize at “Circuito Off Short film Festival” 2008,Best Veneto Short film 2009,RTP2 Ondacurta at Circuito Off Festival 2009 and “Award for Best European Short Film: Animation” at Go Short Film Festival 2010.
About his work he writes: " Progress in unstable balance between the materiality of the painting and the digital experimentations determines the base of my search,whereas the creative elements melt each other.From this intent takes place the video that I want to show. The theme is the trip as exploration of a place of the memory, drawn by memoirs, emotions or figures transformed by time. It is the result of the fusion of signs that they live and they interact in environments constituted by documents and notes of trip.The video, would want to furnish an ampler and articulated vision of such scenery. The figures not only act in a mental space. In the specific one it tells of a first approach to this world and his/her
figures.The writings, signs and memoirs lose their meaning becoming demonstration of distant thoughts and crystallized. In such places they interact the figures,uncertain and from the essential lines. They live following her own rules, each undergoing to of the limits of time and place.Some live contained in other forms, some spacing the one in the others, as if they travelled in other people's memories, at times they are fed of other beings or of portions of world. The limits of such sceneries are not definable, they could be the figures themselves, but in them they are contained further worlds from the indefinite confinements.The intent of such project is to offer to the spectator keys of reading and not a single and univocal interpretation."
The audience of con.tempo has possibility to see his 2 movies:
PERCORSO#0007-0308 – 2008
PERCORSO#0008-0209 – 2009

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