Apr 25, 2010

alessandro pavone/italy/.supersatura

SUPERSATURA, project by Alessandro Pavone, in collaboration with the artist-designer Rosalie Stevens, video animations Marco De Sanctis
curated by Gianluca D’Incà Levis

For Alessandro Pavone and his Supersatura
…prussian blue. almost a condensed, saturated peacock blue. ferric ferrocyanide for explosive triggers. the chemical reaction as a process of diffusion, the body slowly expanding, with its pervasive ramifications. starting from below, from an excavation that protrudes into sense. the product of silent mining operations. the wells. white salt and hypogean black. crystal white on coal black. from their base, the slow growth of object in space. to one side the fossil vegetable sign, its outline sharp, is guardian, witness. then growth. a supersaturated solution, budding, generating a moving skin, a livery of efflorescence, that covers the clean structure, the bare skeleton.
a SOLUTION is supersaturated when the quantity of a component becomes greater than the maximum normally accepted by the compound. the seismographic chemical of the dream seeker, of the body in thin layers, of cyanides. the search for solutions.
structure, property, composition, preparation, transformations of matter: terms for a definition of chemistry. or for an alchemical metaphysics.
the elephant is chemistry. all organic matter for the liquid brain, wakeful-intoxicated. organic and inorganic are interpenetrated. a white paper elephant, sewn by hand, life-size. the elephant is no pachyderm: its skin is thin, transparent. great and light and empty. butcher’s paraffin paper, wrinkled, tied with a thin grey string. gentle butchery. it licks the walls, brushes the ceiling. it fills the space, only saturating it. on the outside, the greatest possible concentration in the volume, but with no pressure from within. it presses the corners, the elephant, presses without pushing, with a force that is placid, slow, unstoppable, like the process, like germination and growth. while the inside is a cosmos for the free circulation of the void. it is the body, that manifests and declines and slackens its own immanent eros through the production of vast thin membranes. a natural process of artifice, diluting the powerful stenches, giving them the candid measure of a form that is surface without weight. and no catalysing enzymes. an unfurled tight sail, with no breath from the sky nor any supporting wind...
like an ecstasy translated and organized as a sign. like the Apollonian formalization of Urlust. almost a Dionysiac positivism, in which bodily stimulus is calcified through the plasmastic sensitivity of the mind.
the examination of the self, of the inner, and of its relation with the outer, and of the visibility – transparency – of this manifested relation.
the knowledge is completed in the body, through the motion of the body’s coils, that slowly wrap around the object, the body of which the mind is a part. the knowledge is in the body. the forms given to its use determine the modalities, techniques, the science of action…
the forms of knowledge are corporate. and if knowledge is derived from the mastered body, then this body is science, a science that soars up in search of saturation and SOLUTION. elan, the gay science. a poetic science, a science joyous of spirit and instinct, non-contemplative, superactive, supersaturating, incessant motion of the coil of the body, like a great shifting serpent, and slow sliding of the body wrapped in sensation.
intelligence, mind, as the relation between bodily generator and the lymph of thought, that drips, sometimes spurts, from the principal bodily gland. so taking the colour of the gaze..."

Gianluca D’incà Levis , curator of the project
Alessandro Pavone /1973,Italy/ lives and works in Trento, Italy.

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